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Employment Law
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Employment Law

Has this Happened to you?
(1) No overtime paid unless it is approved?
(2) Completed work off the clock and not paid?
(3) Worked during your lunch breaks- and still not paid?
(4) Paid below the minimum wage?
(5) Not given your last paycheck?
(6) Ask to take "Comp Time" instead of overtime?
(7) Unpaid breaks that last less than 20 minutes?
(8) Unauthorized deductions from your paycheck?
(9) Told that you are an independent contractor but treated like an employee?
(10) Paid a salary but question if you should still be paid overtime?

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - Wage and Hour Law


Attorney Riggins

is dedicated and believes in protecting employees' legal rights to ensure they receive the wages they are entitled under both federal and state laws.

"I want to make sure that employees are informed and ready for these types of situations." Millions of employees across Florida and the country are being mistreated and underpaid by their employers.

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Federal Law
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)— Overtime and
Minimum Wage Compensation

We handle cases where the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has been violated by employers. FLSA is a federal law that generally requires employers to pay overtime wages of time and a half (1 ½) to certain employees for work performed in excess of forty (40) hours per week. This may include employees who work forced to work “off the clock” to those who were told they are “exempt” but truly are not.

Generally, if an employer knows or reasonably should know that covered employees are working more than forty (40) hours per week, those employees should probably be paid overtime.

After the amendments to FLSA, several employers mistakenly believed that if their employees were paid a “salary” instead of “by the hour” then the employee was “exempt;” and therefore, the employees were not entitled to overtime wages. Salary wages alone will not be enough to deny an employee from overtime compensation. Consideration has to be given to the specific job duties performed by the employee and the amount of wages before denial of overtime wages is appropriate.

If your employer has violated the FLSA, you may receive the following:

1. The unpaid overtime plus interest,
2. An additional amount equal to the unpaid overtime,
3. Costs and your attorney’s fees paid by the employer.

Unpaid Wages

Florida's minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. If an employer paycheck, improper withholds or deductions of some or all of your pay, your rights have been violated.

If your employer has violated your right to be paid minimum wage, you be entitled to:

1. The unpaid wages
2. Interest
3. Costs and your attorney’s fees paid by the employer.

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