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Are you going through a divorce? Do you need options fort he martial home? Not married but have children and need support or a visitation schedule?

To have modification to a judgment in a family law case there are certain criteria needed.

There could be a permanent, substantial, involuntary and unforeseeable change in circumstances since the entry of the last court order in your case. A modification action is used to change an existing court order for related financial obligations. Such as alimony, child support, parenting plans, and others.

We are available to assist you with all phases of modification, both cooperative and through the courts.

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Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

Do I need an attorney to get a divorce?

When families separate there are several decisions and emotions involved. The Husband and the Wife need to have counsel and maybe representation to help get through these times, especially if there are children involved. You need someone whowill explain the law and fight for what is right. Florida is a "no-fault" divorce state. Learn what this means by contacting our office.

Time- Sharing and Parenting Plan?

Florida wants the best interest of the children to be the top priority for both parents- married or not married. Time-sharing and parenting plans are designed to set guides and stability for the children to see and bond with both parents when it is in the children's best interest.

There are not "cookie-cutter" plans because each family is different. Here at the Riggins Law Firm, we try to create adn recommend the best fit for the family as towho is the majority time-sharing parent, 50/50 time -sharing and long-distance plans. Talk to Danialle Riggins to see what information and advice she can give you about creating a new healthy atmoshphere for your family during and after a divorce.

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